Sunday, August 14, 2016

Would you like tires with that?

I have to visit or call mom once a week or she gets a little panicky and comes by. She's too old for that so I usually visit when she's out on her porch around midday. Today the neighbor asked how I was and I told her about being stuck on my project. "You still working on that?" I had shown her an earlier version I'd written last year in a different language. "You should work on a new project." That's when I told her, I could, but it's a bit like making cars. I can make all different types, but then I'd have to ask the title question.

Dad (step-dad) is a Mexican version of Mayberry's Floyd the barber. He shuffles along and his hearing is bad but he works his 3 customers a day at the barber shop. He's got the classic roman nose so mom swears he's an Italian. He loves spaghetti westerns, so whenever some famous Mexican actor (yeah, they have those) comes on the screen, especially if really dark skinned he'll call out to mom, pointing at the screen and say, "Hey, another Italian actor." Then mom will say, "noooo, that's just another dumb Mexican." The whole family here in AZ is Mexican, so that's a big hit with some.

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