Sunday, February 28, 2016

I'm back

Where have I been since August 2015? Hospitals and hospices. It's been a nightmare and may not be over yet. It all started with an infection in my left foot. It may happen again. A nurse is coming to my home this morning and I will see the doctor (general, not foot) this week.

Weird things have happened. I gained 80 lbs in six weeks, then lost 120 lbs in the following 8 weeks.

I'm at my folks waiting for an apartment that should be available in May. I haven't seen my eye doctor since August and my vision has suffered.

But overall I'm better than I have been with greater mobility. Hoping to get better. I weigh less at the moment than I have in 35 years but seem to have plateau'd off. I could still afford to lose another 60 lbs.

I've actually been confused with an earthquake (in Seattle over a decade ago) when I was almost twice my current mass.

My humor is still intact!

Update: Just finished a visit with a nurse that I knew from White Mountain Regional Medical. The main thing being getting the transfer documents filled out for local hospice services. That's a great relief (financial mostly.)