Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Inserting P.I.C.C. - third times a charm

Just got back from a 50 miles ambulance ride (100 round trip at $1500 x 2 + 16.5/mile + $3000 for procedure.) I had to get another PICC line which is a surgical procedure for a long term two port I.V. line that is inserted just outside the heart. The first two got pulled out which is a minor emergency all by themselves.

I've been in the hospital for 33 days now and just today realized I could play VGAPlanets (VGA gives a hint to how old this game is) at

One fifth of this hospital stay I will be paying forever and a few days beyond!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feigned outrage

The headline is Trump failed to correct a person that called the president a muslim.

How is it his responsibility to do that, especially with the special circumstances behind this issue?

Trumps response was 'right' and 'we'll look into this.' Right doesn't always mean agreement. In conversation, right often means get to your point. That's the way I saw his 'right.'

The other point is a much bigger issue and deserves the real outrage. Are there Jihad training centers in America? Trump's response is exactly on point.

Obama has a muslim past which no idiot in the media can deny. Some people look at his words and actions and see a person hiding his loyalties. He says he's a christian. Fine, but the phony outrage at a segment of the population's speculation is because it's not so outrageous.

Obama is a liar. Would he be the first to lie about himself?

Muslims consider Obama a muslim, including world leaders. Why is that?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Holy cow. Did I luck out.

Midnight and I had to get out of bed. I sat in a chair tangling my IV line which pulled out my PICC line. I noticed the blood on my hospital gown sleeve and got the nurse in time.

I've got 3 bugs in my blood requiring 2 different antibiotics for 6 weeks. One bag every 8 hours. Each bag about $10,000 (not sure about the second antibiotic.) I drove to the hospital when my oxygen was about 65%. Not exactly smart but it got the job done. They noticed an elevated white count and the next day I had surgery on my left foot at another hospital 50 miles away. Now I'm back at the original hospital in what they call a swing bed (which indicates a longer term stay AFAIK.)

I don't know what my daily bill will be (20% I am responsible for... should talk to billing about getting preexisting coverage that.)

My good fortune is I live in poverty with medicare. How could a middle class rancher like my friends deal with something like this?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No CNN debate for me

I've been in the hospital for two weeks now, with four more weeks to go. For my foot is hollow and has a big hole on the bottom of it which lead to sepsis with a superbug and two others. They just announced I'm not contagious which I now have to get the word to my friends which I've been chasing away.

The hospital doesn't have CNN (this is a major Mormon community if that means anything... very conservative. John Wayne had a ranch here and was well known to the locals.)

When they change the bandages on my foot some of the nurses like to see the tendons move when I wiggle my toes. They removed three bones from my foot. I haven't missed them. I have a picture on my phone. When I can I'll post it here.