Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What prevents us from selling mars by the hectare?

Cutting to the chase... nothing but attitude.

The expense of developing martian real estate is so high (and letting others do it so abhorrent to the control freaks) that the elites have decided nobody should be allowed to do it without their control.

Mars has 14.4 billion hectares of real estate. Musk, in late September, will announce his plan to send people to mars. Nobody owns mars which stifles its development. But a simple attitude change could open the flood gates.

Suppose we set up a trust for one single purpose. We auction off hectares starting at the proposed first human landing site. All that money goes into the trust. From that trust we only buy transportation tickets, payable on delivery of a live human to the surface of mars near enough to connect with an established colony.

This is a win-win-win-win.

win#1. The transportation company sells tickets at a profit competing with others for the lowest possible price.

win#2. The land speculator sees the value of their property appreciate as more colonists arrive.

win#3. Colonists already on mars have a ready made market for their time and materials to be sold to new comers.

win#4. New comers arrive wealthy by virtue of whatever mass allotment for personal property is included in their transportation ticket.

Before new comers leave earth they can contract with existing colonists for eventual trade when they arrive. 100 kg of disposable personal property would be worth its transportation cost alone.

Cost/kg per lander = ($200m / 2000 kg.) or $100k per kg.

Lander ($100k/kg)  x 100 kg, so each colonist arrives a millionaire with a mansion waiting for their arrival and enough resources to follow any individual dream.

It's just attitude that holds us back.

Black magic woman

Friday, August 19, 2016

Par for the course

I get WIFI internet for free. I called the only provider for this area because I would like to pay for guaranteed service. They require a credit card. I only use prepaid visa on the net. Had I not told them it was prepaid we probably wouldn't have had an issue. The representative asked her boss who said no.

If I try to use another national provider they just connect me with Frontier, our local monopoly.

I'm wondering if the Americans with disabilities act would have any usefulness. I'm going to talk to a lawyer (who happens to be related to both my partner and the founding family of this town. This makes him a good partner to have.)

The kicker is my free WIFI is provided by this monopoly!

Also there could be damages because they are preventing me from implementing my product.

This should be fun.

None of this prevents me from continuing to write my code. I just need others to test. Working blind isn't that big a deal for me. I used to edit out of state code without a wysiwyg editor (ever code dBase using edlin and a 300 baud modem?)

I also worked for a short time with a literally blind Shearson Lehman BAL programmer in one of the twin towers before they came down in NYC. I could only do my edlin trick because I'd memorized 10,000 lines of dBase code. I really don't know how that blind programmer did it with BAL other than he used a line editor with text to speech software. I never knew how many lines he was working with but my impression was... a lot.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Would you like tires with that?

I have to visit or call mom once a week or she gets a little panicky and comes by. She's too old for that so I usually visit when she's out on her porch around midday. Today the neighbor asked how I was and I told her about being stuck on my project. "You still working on that?" I had shown her an earlier version I'd written last year in a different language. "You should work on a new project." That's when I told her, I could, but it's a bit like making cars. I can make all different types, but then I'd have to ask the title question.

Dad (step-dad) is a Mexican version of Mayberry's Floyd the barber. He shuffles along and his hearing is bad but he works his 3 customers a day at the barber shop. He's got the classic roman nose so mom swears he's an Italian. He loves spaghetti westerns, so whenever some famous Mexican actor (yeah, they have those) comes on the screen, especially if really dark skinned he'll call out to mom, pointing at the screen and say, "Hey, another Italian actor." Then mom will say, "noooo, that's just another dumb Mexican." The whole family here in AZ is Mexican, so that's a big hit with some.