Sunday, February 12, 2017

More fake news

Now they can no longer claim that zero terrorists came from the seven muslim ban extreme vetting countries as many with the lefts talking points have been claiming on fake news. Since 9/11...

— Somalia: 20
— Yemen: 19
— Iraq: 19
— Syria: 7
— Iran: 4
— Libya: 2
— Sudan: 1

72 in total while 25 of those became American citizens. Those lefty judges than overruled the clear constitutionally legal authority of the president should be impeached.

Left is mad because Trump is doing what he promised his voters he would do.

Think about this... One of the left's talking points is that deportation will break up families. For any other crime that also breaks up families it would obviously be a losing argument. This is why we need to revise the law to deal with the anchor baby problem which was never intended to be the result of the law. I can hear the uproar now when they do, but now is the only chance they will have to fix this because the majority (contrary to fake news) support the president on immigration law.

Expect 'the news' to crank out lot's of these stories.

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