Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A bit of good news

I had an appointment today in Show Low with my kidney doctor. My kidney function improved 3% from my last visit. But I also have a new list of diet restrictions. Potato salad is now out along with other stuff. I was accidentally drinking the right soda since I don't drink Cola (too much phosphorous.)  My anemia is still low at 12 but much improved from 6.

So... I can live with that.


C J said...

This is indeed good news!

Also, the same metric applies to medicine as to politics; the trend line is more important than actual numbers.

Jim Davis said...

Ken, sorry to hear of your ongoing medical issues.

Is a kidney transplant an option in your case?

ken_anthony said...

No Jim, if it gets to that point I will return to dust. They want to permently install some tubes in me, which I've already nixed.