Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homeless update

I had a 2hr appointment in town yesterday that I came back to Springerville for and also paid for six more months on my vehicle insurance with my local agent. On the road I'll just find a local office and get further proof of insurance over the phone. Fuel and maintenance costs on my vehicle are killing my budget. It cost me $135 to replace a battery that had a dead cell after I called AAA (but I'm thankful to have it for emergencies on the road.) I'm getting 20mpg on the highway where before I was getting 29. I noticed it happened rather suddenly on my second trip this year to Flagstaff which cost $40 more than my first trip. I haven't left the state yet. The only new place I've been is Globe and saw a little bit of the copper mine. It was hot so I said "what the hell" and continued on to Phoenix. This was not the time of year to visit phoenix.

I'm going to do New Mexico after I visit California. I'm just not in a NM mood right now. My "Build Equity" with low risk plan doesn't really kick in until after I finish paying the remaining $600 I owe on my GMC Jimmy but otherwise I'm on track for now. After New Years things should become a bit more flexible for me. Then I'll try to find a nice under $100 digital camera and document my journeys a bit.

If you happen to read this I wish you well on your life journey.

We'd better start understanding this point sooner rather than later:
On its metric for “Legal System and Property Rights,” the U.S. is 33rd in the world today, down from number one in 1980. 
The constitution provides a never used before way of restoring our liberties.

This seems an insightful commentThe GOP controls the House, period. They have enough members in the Senate to block cloture. No amount of insisting that the strategy is “doomed” changes these facts. Stay united against Obamacare, and the strategy succeeds.

Between 6) and 7) you vote some of the bastards out of office.

Good questionHow can one actually consent if there is no possible way to withhold consent?

Finally, what to do: Get away from the keyboard.