Saturday, August 13, 2016

Server blues

I still can't make a connection between my computer at home and my server but all the SQLitening software is working correctly. Server logs show that others can make the connection. I'm pretty sure my own computer has it's port open through the firewall but I'm wondering about my wifi connection? I'm not sure how I'm going to test that?

It's time I canceled my first server contract since I'm not going to be using it. Goddady has two levels of firewall protection. One I have control of, the other I don't but I got the right port opened for me and it's working so i'm going to keep my Godaddy server until I figure out how to get SQLitening working from my home machine.

Also I'm going to reset my first domain back to the Google DNS. I never should have listened to about setting it to their DNS. At the time I was just following their directions since I didn't fully understand how it worked. As McCoy might say, "I'm a computer programmer Jim, not a technician."

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