Monday, August 8, 2016

How many days...

...will it take to fix a few minutes problem? 1&1 customer support is getting a failing grade from me. I will work on getting my three issues fixed or I will cancel my contract...

  1. I need SQLite running. This is the primary reason I chose them.
  2. I need my webpage to show - not error 403 as it currently does.
  3. I need people to be able to download my s/w after issue 2 is fixed.
None of these are major issues and should take about 5 minutes to fix if they did any type of customer service. I am very annoyed.

Trying to use their chat support facility leaves me hanging until finally a page in German is displayed (with no ability to translate.)

Update: To hell with 1& I just spent an hour on the phone with godaddy sales. They got the last dime on my prepaid visa but now I have an unmanaged server already set up... well, except being unmanaged I have lots of reading to do... but I have RDP access which is the first main hurdle. I'm using my other domain for it..., it's already pointing to my server. it has an error due to the fact that I haven't set up any pages yet, but that's to be expected. I have 3 months to get it working which should only take whatever time I need to read a few things. I'm tempted to set up my windows service right now, but I'm feeling good and don't want to spoil it at the moment. Besides it's 2:30am and I have a 7am appointment. to sleep now!

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