Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plan of action

It's not so simple to get all the pieces together and working to get a thing done. I've paid for three months of server on Godaddy which sets a limit to how long I have to resolve my database access issue. Realistically I give myself 2 weeks but hope to resolve it today or tomorrow. If I can't resolve it in 3 months I will do something else, but not being able to share data severely limits what those else's might be. To be fair, there are applications where the low performance of other shared database solutions would not be a show stopper, but I feel like I am so close. There will still be data security issues, but those are not show stoppers.

So... I've got the SQLitening remote service working on both my local machine and my server. The problem is I haven't been able to get the remote communications working. First thing to do is get the communications working on my machine with itself. Second I will get the server to talk to itself. Once both of those things work, the only thing left as far as I can see is changing the IP address and having the right port open. I don't see how this should take much time at all?

Anyway, that's the plan. My next post about this should be my last on this subject!

I also realize another mistake I made. 1& convinced me to use their DNS servers when I didn't have to. I should have just kept that domain on the Google DNS servers. It may take a few days to get that straightened out but I'm not ready to deal with it at the moment.


The window service installs and runs both on my machine and on my server. A test program I wrote using my DB and the service works perfectly on my machine and locally on the server. The only thing that doesn't work is to remotely access the DB from my machine to the server. I used a provided batch file to open the correct port on the server and got no errors. Now I just have to hope the developer of SQLitening sees something stupid I've done or left out. I could ask Godaddy to confirm the port is open, but beyond that I'm stuck.

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