Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The mars schedule

According to Musk.

2018 - 1 red lander on mars.
2020 - 2 more red landers on mars.
2022 - MCT first landing.
2024 - First MCT crew to mars.

Update: Important new data.

MCT designed for 100 mt to surface of mars meaning each ticket is for 1 mt. This should provide each colonist with several hundred kg. of personal property besides their combined body and spacesuit mass  (and some consumables quickly replaced by ISRU.) Assuming a ticket price of $5m and 500 kg. of personal property each colonist arrives with $2.5m in worth.

Clarification: 1mt includes consumables for the trip which would be about 2mt. which does not compute. I'm assuming 8 kg. per day with no recycling. Apparently a bad assumption. I'll have to discover better data.

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