Monday, August 1, 2016

More progress on my code.

I feel like I'm swimming in molasses, but it doesn't matter because I am making progress. I'm not what I used to be nor are the tools I'm working with but the potential is there. I'm going to start looking for a host now. My goal is to have a test online by January. In the old days it would have taken me less than a month to get there, but no matter.

One problem I've got is security. While I can encrypt my database this happens on the server end with SQLite, so I'm vulnerable to man in the middle attacks. I don't know how to implement HTTPS or if it would impose an intolerable performance hit? Also, encrypted, I can't do any ranges in a where clause which I need to do a lot of.

I haven't looked into how password protection works in SQLite either. Without that anyone could mess with my data even if encrypted. They'd produce gobblygook, but that's not good for me.

I'll just have to do the best I can.

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