Sunday, November 24, 2013

The most productive source of fiber

You need fiber to make pykrete so what's the best source? Hemp.
Per acre, hemp is the most productive fiber on earth, making 10 tons of bast fiber, for canvas, rope, lace and linen, and 25 tons of hurd fiber, for paper and building materials.
There ya have it. Mars is for stoners! Seriously though...
...hemp was among the first crops cultivated by our ancestors over 10,000 years ago, and may be the first crop purposely sown.
It could be used for many useful products such as car parts on the road today! Bathroom parts would probably be of interest to martians with molding being a very early martian trade. Yes, everything and the kitchen sink.


Joseph said...

We obviously need a law against burning such a valuable substance.

C J said...

Hemp fiber would make ideal pykrete!

I like the sink idea, too... give the lack of easily available hydrocarbons,using things like this as substitutes where possible would be ideal!

One problem though; your colony will be subject to frequent DEA raids.