Saturday, November 16, 2013

I warned you

Years ago I made the point that mars is a superior destination because the moon is too close.

Now I'm seeing all that I have foreseen. Bigelow wants the government involved in setting property right precedents. The precedents will become defacto law everywhere else. Do you actually think it's a good thing for property owners to have their rights determined by a debating club?

It does not have to be. We can establish property rights and precedents that protect owners from government encroachment by doing it where government has no interest. The moon is too close. terms of establishing lunar property rights or even making that request, that the FAA/AST is the proper gateway to begin that process,” said Mike Gold, Bigelow Aerospace’s chief counsel.
What is their interest in the personal property rights of people? They don't have any. What they do have is a desire to control and derive money from their control. That's all government entities do.

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