Friday, November 1, 2013


My folks make it with cottage cheese and lemon juice.

My sister sent her baby father to the store, "Get a gallon of milk and if they have avocados get six." So my not quite bro-in-law comes back with six gallons of milk.

Then I hear on the news that an illegal immigrant is hiding in a nice neighborhood in Phoenix. Police go in and arrest over a dozen. I'm assuming they found avocados?

I've got fever chills today and hardly any energy to move but I'm covered by the fact that this room with the computer is freezing. Springerville cracked the block on my last car when I went out to get some OJ one frozen night. I'm in fear that something like that will happen to my current Jimmy.

I checked out apartments in Prescott. I can't afford them except perhaps one about 30 minutes out of town. But even that one will take so much of my monthly income that I will have little left. I'm too poor to go now, but next payday I'm going to Prescott anyway. I've got to get out of this little town and the madhouse. I just hope I don't crack a block before that happens.

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