Monday, November 4, 2013

Obama goes right back to wrong

In a healthy economy business owners, closest to the facts, make decisions about how to run their company. They are in competition with other companies, so if they do a bad job they lose and other companies rise to take their place.

After the debacle of Affordable Health Care, Obama wants you to move on, nothing to see here, listen to me demagogue a new issue. It isn't even about the issue he's chosen. It's about government taking over more and more of business through more and more regulations. It Obama saying again and again, "you didn't build that."

Business people are just as evil as politicians. The difference is they must compete and get votes every day rather than just on election day. We the people are the only ones that can keep them honest. Midterms are coming.

Update: I beat Ace to the punch, but of course he tells it better.


Anonymous said...

Well of course Obama wants to change the subject. That's a perfectly natural reaction under the circumstances.

Let's say you've been housesitting your neighbor's home, and decide to help them out with that pesky cockroach problem by setting off thirty bugs bombs in their home. This creates a very effective fuel-air explosive cloud, which their water heater pilot light ignites.

When your neighbor returns from vacation to find a smoldering crater where their house used to be, do you really want to mention that in order to save them a few dollars, you helpfully canceled their home insurance? Or would you prefer to change the subject?


Actually, as an analogy, mine fails. Obama hasn't blown up a person's home and canceled their home insurance. He's blown up the US healthcare industry, as well as causing the cancellation of, by his own white house estimates in advance, around 90 million insurance policies.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

If this were the real world it would discredit Obama and all his ilk. But since the media has us all living in ObamaWorld it probably will not have the effect it should.

Anonymous said...


I'm delighted to see the fire Obama is taking from CBS and other MSM outlets at the moment, but it's nowhere near the magnitude he has earned.

Incidentally, regarding Obama changing the subject to immigration; the GOP would have to be mind-numbingly stupid to help him out by doing so. Therefor, I'd say there's a better than 50-50 chance they'll (At least a chunk of them) do exactly that.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

Stupid is unfortunately predictable. However, I think enough will have a cluebat to keep the rest in line on this. This is going to be long and drawn out torture for the democrats. All the republicans have to do is keep repeating that not a single republican voted for ObamaCare. Just that one message alone should ring the voters bell.

Anonymous said...

I very much hope I'm wrong, but I really do think that a segment of the GOP will be agitating for "Immigration reform" now, thus giving Obama and the D's what they need - a distraction.

The reason I'm so sure of this is that it's not a case of simple political common sense (If it was, you'd be quite right - it'd never happen, because it's insane to take the focus of the Obamacare fiasco). It's a case of politicians being bought and paid for, and in this case, the interests of the billionaires who own them happen to coincide with those of the Democrats.

So, we'll see things like McCain meeting with Obama, to "plan a path to comprehensive immigration reform"

Expect more of this from the bought-and-paid-for corrupt bastards club of the Senate GOP (McCain, Rubio, Flake, Graham) and joined by their similarly-owned house allies.

I really, really, hope I'm wrong.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

The advantage we have is that ObamaCare will only get worse up to the election and will affect those that voted for Obama.

The real question is can we ever win an election again because those that vote for Obama may think they are smart being able to parrot talking points but in reality are stupider than rocks. Not meaning to insult rocks.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare will indeed be a disaster right up until (and after) the election. A lot of Democrats are absolutely terrified of one thing in particular; the insurance rates for 2015 will be published in September of 2014. (and thanks to the adverse selection dynamic that's being exacerbated by the tech issues, they'll be a huge jump). Add in the retreat of many insurers from the exchanges, and the retreat of many doctors and hospitals, plus tens of millions losing their employer-provided plans, and you have a recipe for a wave election that will make 2010 look like a good day for Democrats.

However, never forget the great skill of the Republican party: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The only thing that can save the Dems now is the Republicans, and I suspect they'll do just that. Not all Republicans, but some, and some is enough.

As I say, I desperately hope to be wrong.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They are incredibly good at that, aren't they? You've got to admire such a great talent, eh?

That's what I hate about Bill O'Reilly is that he always rehabilitates the bastards.

You don't give the benefit of the doubt when there is no doubt.