Monday, November 11, 2013

The moon is not Antarctica

Analogy are sometimes useful to communicate ideas. However, A is not ever B. Trying to force an analogy to reflect reality indicates a loose grasp of reality. Used correctly and without that confusion they are useful AS A MEANS OF CONVEYING THOUGHT.

But when it leads to confusion it's best to avoid their usage.

Rand is has me reading two long articles here and here.

Dr. Spudis can be relied on to provide solid (if sometimes biased) analysis, but this Veronique Greenwood seems to be one of those that doesn't know anyone that voted for Nixon (you know, the guy that carried 49 of the 57* states.)

* 57 was what Obama said, Palin was mocking him (not that useful idiots get clarifications.)

But even looney tunes can sometimes get things right...
These decisions are important because they won’t affect just the moon.
Even now control freaks are writing rules to take away liberty. Yes, yes, I know that refers to all aspects of life, but I'm being more specifically on this topic. It will happen if we allow it.

How do I know? Because we reelected our present president. Everybody over 50 that wasn't drinking the kool aid was stunned into reality with that event. Fascism is here. Don't go into the showers.

Def: Fascism - the negation of equal justice by means of wavers. This is not rule of law. This is rule by decree. Thousands of pages that nobody reads is usurpation (the wrongful seizure of royal sovereignty) of power especially when you can change the details without representative debate.


Anonymous said...

It's called soft fascism; it's just as evil as the regular kind, but more deceptive in its intent. And yes, it's here.

As for the Moon, I suspect that the real motive is to extend control, there and here, and everywhere else. It's much akin to mandating GPS in cell phones; they said it was "for our own good", but of course, it was really for theirs.

BTW, for anyone so inclined, disabling that GPS is super easy; just cut the antenna wire, or better yet, interrupt it with a microswitch in the case, so if you have need of it, you've got it. Personally, I find the idea of being traced by anyone (companies or government) to be disgusting.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

The difference between soft and hard fascism?

How much control they have of the military and police.