Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fisking Thomas Sowell

Somebody just has to do it.
The conservative intelligentsia who react against [Governor Palin] have remarkably little to say that will stand up to scrutiny.
He's right.
People who actually dealt with her ... have expressed how much they were impressed by her intelligence.
Governor Palin's candidacy for the vice presidency was what galvanized ... Republicans.
Surprising McCain, but that's not too hard.
something about her that turned even some conservative intellectuals against her
What was that something? She wasn't puffed up with self importance as they were.
Republicans need [Governor Palin] who is neither one of the country club Republicans nor-- worse yet-- the sort of person who appeals to the intelligentsia.
According to polls, if you ignore how the media has smeared her, Governor Palin is representative of the majority of Americans. It's time we put the talking heads and their ilk in their places.

I don't agree with Palin 100% which puts her 1000% ahead of any other candidate. She made the right decision not to run last time (they wanted to run against Romney and so they ran against Romney... guess who the democrats will nominate for us next time? I'm guessing Christie.) I hope she can decide to run in the future. It's been a while since somebody won 49 states.

I did that fisking thing right, right?


Anonymous said...

When you do what the other party wants you to do, it's never a good idea. This applies equally to letting them pick your candidates as well as choosing your policies.

I've never been a Palin fan, but I have to admit, she's growing on me.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

Country club Republicans and the intelligentsia are easy to spot as part of the problem, so when you find someone that annoys both you know you are on to something.

It's all about the record and she has one. Obama has one as well except the media buried it.

Can you imagine going through years of someone's email and not being able to find a single example of corruption? Even something you could twist into saying was corrupt?

She makes mistakes. Like the law she enacted to make it easier to go after corrupt officials in AK. They turned it into a weapon to badger her. But people make mistakes like that and learn.

Everybody that ever met Sarah before the smear campaign knows she's smart, not thinks, knows.

But she never had the polish which to me is a huge warning sign not to trust.

Some of the worst people in the world are those with charisma like Obama and, lest we forget, Hitler.

Anonymous said...

I think what gave me my initial negative impression of Palin can be summed up in one word - McCain. I've loathed him since long before his 2008 run, so anyone I connected with him started out with a bad image in my book. (I know that's unfair to Palin, but that was my introduction to her).

I held my nose and pulled the lever for McCain in 2008, but I hated doing so. I said at the time I'd have been far happier if McCain and Palin had switched places on the ticket. (I'd have preferred almost anyone to McCain.)

To be honest, her resignation from office bothered me, a lot. If badgering and harassment (which was admittedly brutal) could drive her from the governor's mansion, I couldn't see how she could handle a presidential run. However, even at that time, I thought she'd be perfect for the chairmanship of the Republican Party.

My opinion of Palin has steadily improved since that time, plus I think she's learned and improved a great deal since 2008.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

I understand about McCain but I don't think he picked Palin because they were alike. He picked her out of political desperation. That's why he was shocked that she brought in the money and crowds that she did. In reality, he resented her for that. Some part of his mind had to acknowledge that he wan't IT.

Her resignation was due to the realization that it didn't cost them anything to target her and would not stop until she was completely destroyed. She was the target and had to make the smart move of removing that target.

Under different circumstance she wouldn't not have resigned. Being president, for example, they would not have been able to financially ruin her. In that case, she would have the power to fight back effectively. The bible says do not punch the air, meaning do not fight when you can not win. She took her only option by resigning as Governor and only because she naively created the law her enemies used for the wrong purpose. President would be a different case entirely.

She has improved. Experience does that for some.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I would have had reservations regarding supporting the Palin of 2009 for president. (though I'd have voted for her rather than McCain in an instant)

I'd have no trouble supporting the Palin of today for President. She's definitely shown the wit to learn, which is an incredibly rare thing in a politician.

I agree regarding McCain's motives, and to be clear, my opinion of Palin at that time was not based on reason, just false association (due to despising McCain so much).

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

I'd have reservations as well. They just would have been less than any other option. My ticket at the time would have been Fred Thompson/Palin but since then Fred has shown less sense.

the wit to learn, which is an incredibly rare thing in almost anyone FIFY