Sunday, November 17, 2013

Marxism kills

Marxist are children that think they are the smartest of all people. This is why they can't quit trying to rehabilitate something with a known history of death. We absolutely can not allow them to continue this evil in space. Don't argue with children. Make reasonable individual real estate claims by possession in an orderly manner to establish the rules and don't get caught up in the death producing arguments of intellectual idiots that refuse to acknowledge the foundation of their arguments are gibberish.

Let them stand in a corner. It will not make them smarter, but at least it will shut them up.

But they won't which is why 2040 is going to be too late. If we had the Mars One lander (2500kg with up to 4 crew from orbit to the surface for $195m) we could go today.

Will Musk ever focus? Now he's talking about electric airplanes.

Another marxist heard from: "Private property ... is a bad idea." Oh, in space it's different?

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