Saturday, November 23, 2013

How bullets work

Have you ever seen a rifle shot of a melon? The bullet goes in, in a bullet sized hole and blows out the back of the melon. Every time. You will never see the front of the melon blow out and the bullet come out a small hole in the back. That's not how bullets work.
If Kennedy had been hit in the throat, that bullet would have had to go somewhere—lodge in his body or exit somewhere. It would have caused internal damage and thus have been easily discernible. Nothing in the head-to-toe photographs of the president taken during the autopsy, or, even more pertinently, the x-rays, shows anything that suggests in any way such a frontal hit.
Emphasis mine. It did exit. It was easily discernable (unless you refuse to see it.) It was the back of Kennedy's melon being blown out. Nothing, except that.

Was Kennedy hit in the throat? He had a hole in the front of his throat that looked like a bullet wound according to the doctors. People usually don't have holes in their throats. If they do, it isn't a bullet trying to get out.

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