Friday, July 19, 2013

I'll be back!

In about three years. I plan to use this time to change my life. I'll be homeless with a mission.

I will be leaving Springerville in about 5 days. But essentially, I'm already gone. Yes, some of you said mentally gone. You're forgiven. See my final thoughts. I'll need you to champion them while I'm away (should you choose to, and no tape will self destruct... hopefully.) I'll miss ya.


Arizona CJ said...

Best wishes and a good journey.

I'll keep an eye out for your return, or for any updates.

ken_anthony said...

Thank you. I don't know how often, but I will update when I get the chance and have something that seems worth reporting.

ken_anthony said...

Two more days and I'm free. Weird, but I really feel that way. Even though being homeless means more cost to me than my present situation, being fully responsible without any distractions means I will move forward on plans that have been stalled for the last two years.

I will be tracking all my expenses starting in two days. My first savings will occur in five weeks and I have a known rate of growth from there. This is why I know I will need three years to accomplish my goal.

For the next three years I have a fixed weekly budget:

$50 for auto.
$50 for food.
$60 for other.

Anything per week that I spend under that becomes permanent savings.

Doing this and making low risk investments I will be able to accomplish my goal in three years.

Then I will be able to loosen up my spending to live a decent life.

Arizona CJ said...

I hope it works out for you.

In a way, I envy you. Just taking off to randomly drive around the country is something I've done (including in other countries, such as Italy and Germany) but never for more than a few months.

When I've done this in the US, I've used my own SUV. It's perfect for it; I fold down the rear seats and it's a great bed. However, overseas it was sometimes cheaper to stay in guesthouses or hotels than pay the extra (in rental and fuel) to upgrade from an economy car to a big SUV.

There is indeed a freedom to being on the road. Ask any biker; they call it "Living in the Wind".

ken_anthony said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow;
I luv ya tomorrow;
It's only one night away...

Tomorrow I get paid and will get an oil change. I'm using the envelope system along with the ledger for my budget. Then I'm going to Flagstaff to get my sisters kid and bring her back here. My sister is paying for it, so my first week budget will sail.

After that, it's about 200 miles or so per week to where ever I decide.

My car insurance is due sept/oct so I scheduled another appointment for something else in town around then. I'm with State Farm. My local agent says she will make sure other agents across the country allow me to pay and get proof of insurance where ever I am.

I'll also be back in mid Aug to help mom get a car from another sister in CA. Mom will pay for that trip, so that's another week my budget get's some help.

Nov. I'll head to CA again to see folks. Until the end of the year, money is going to be tight, so disentangling myself from family stuff will keep me occupied.

I can't really start making investments until I have enough money so saving is all I'll be doing at first. Next year should be different. This sixth months I'll call phase one. Phase two starts in January.

Too bad I'm not a criminal... until they get caught, they make lot's of money. My method will be much more incremental... based on compound interest. I never did use that CA license I paid, trained and tested for years ago. I don't need it now either, but the knowledge is still with me.

ken_anthony said...

Regarding the Jimmy. The back seats fold forward. It would be better if the bed were about a foot longer and half a foot taller, but it's not too bad. I got rid of the air mattress giving myself more storage space while still having enough room to sleep. I've been sleeping in it all week without any problems (the bladder gets me up once each night, but what's an old man to do?)

ken_anthony said...

$50 per week will give me over a 300 mile range but there will be incidental driving which is why I say 200 miles per week.

ken_anthony said...

A look at the future?

ken_anthony said...

Between 2 and 3 hours to liftoff. This will be the last comment until I have a chance to check in again.

I've considered turning off the spam filter and just cleaning up comments when I get back, but have decided against that.

So thanks to all and especially to some for coming by. I hope to see ya all again in better times.

Anonymous said...

No one cares.

Anonymous said...

Was wondering were you disappeared to. Hope everything works out.

- wodun

ken_anthony said...

Anonymous (July 24, 2013 at 8:25 AM) said...
No one cares.

...Thank you for the ironic tickle.

Still on track for my goals.