Saturday, July 6, 2013

I don't like emulators

I've changed my mind about buying Navicat. I've tried it and do not like it. It runs on top of the Linux wine emulator, but it's the lousy table graphic design tool that did me in. Microsoft Access, which I can't use because I'm no longer on any windows box, was really good from that perspective.

I can live without Navicat which will save this poor boy a few bucks.

The polygon function I'm adapting for my project uses a single callback. What I really want is a separate list of polygons for any forms I create. I'm not really solid on the Cairo calls and there is quite a bit of indirection to twist my brain into a pretzel... but I'm hoping what I come up with both works and is easier to use. Works is kind of important. Easier to use depends mostly on how I wrap it.

Update: I'm looking for Navicat alternatives. I've already got pgAdmin III, but would like to look at some of the others.

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