Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sanity and law prevails

Will Bill Lee, former police chief of Sanford, get his job back? George Zimmerman will not get his life back either. Trayvon got what he deserved according to the law.

Second-degree murder in Florida requires "a depraved mind without regard for human life.” Only a depraved mind would accuse Zimmerman of that.

Manslaughter doesn't apply either because in Florida killing is justified on the reasonable belief that bodily harm is a potential even before the reality that exists for all to see in this case. Self defense does not require the belief that your life is in jeopardy as is commonly believed. That little word 'OR' has legal meaning.

The killing was justified and a young thug got what he deserved is what the jury found even with the judge hiding information from them that would have made this conclusion much easier to reach.

This is a message that we should be clearly stating so thugs everywhere start to get it.

The Valentines day massacre was national news when one mobster group killed seven of another mobster group. It would hardly be newsworthy today. This is probably a daily occurrence in this day and hardly gets beyond local news.

Let Trayvon's parents shed their tears. The rest of us should see one down, lots more to go. This is what's codified in law when sanity prevailed. You can legally kill a thug when they attack you.

Got that thugs? You can be killed and will be when you can't control your rage. Good riddance.

Kill all the thugs and what does society become? A whole lot better. We don't have to kill them all, but let those that remain have a good reason to control their violence when among decent people.

I don't care what color the people involved are. The media twisting itself into a pretzel to describe someone as a white Hispanic is absurd. George is a mutt just like the rest of us.

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