Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 instead of 8

I cancelled my appointment on the 25th. I squeezed it in today instead. Which means I will be leaving on the 24th. So seven more days instead of eight. Seven instead of eight would have completely changed my life a quarter century ago.

I was an ATCS in Oklahoma taking a simulation test. I had traffic crossing a vortac with another orbiting above. I didn't have to give a landing clearance to the aircraft orbiting. I could have waited until the traffic cleared. But I did give a clearance at or below 8000. It should have been at or below 7000. That was about half a point in my four months of testing. That's how much I failed by. Had I said seven or not given any clearance at all... I'd be retired now, collecting more than the average working persons income to sit on my butt.

Then I would have missed out on all the life experience I had instead. eh... I would have made that sacrifice. Seven more days...

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