Saturday, July 13, 2013


My income comes every four weeks except when it comes in five. Which it happens to after this next payday. This will work for me as regards my car payment which is budgeted at $50 per week (paid monthly) but zero every fifth week when that happens. Food and fuel will be budgeted at $50 each, every week regardless. Everything else is a luxury except I will make savings a priority.

I will need patience. Things will be happening very slowly for the next four months or so. I'm using a four column journal with the last column being my over/under for the weekly budget. The car payment should be zero over/under at all times. Other stuff will start out 100% under weekly budget until expenses occur. At the end of each week I will have an accumulation of budget and savings.

Simple enough. Beyond that I have goals for this year and next year. July 2015 I'm gonna party. Have no clue where but that is when my odyssey ends. Update: Nope. It will take until the end of 2016 to reach my goals.

Of course every ending is a new beginning. Not going to think about that for now.

I have little to do for the next twelve days. I'm already packed. I could get my tires rotated.

Every six months I get car insurance. That will require putting aside about $10 per week (with consideration for the weeks that have already gone by.) Not much room for anything beyond that.

Another way of looking at it. First I take $200 off the top for car payment. Then I have $160 per week (for five weeks.) $100 for food and gas leaves $60 for luxuries. $160 goes into savings ever four week period.

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