Saturday, June 1, 2013


Gambas is amazing, but with some weirdness.

The cursor isn't where it's supposed to be making editing corrections difficult.

Menu click events are public subs. If you make them private, clicking does nothing.

It uses a runtime, like VB, but the program requires the extention .gambas or it doesn't work. That includes any symbolic link which took me by surprise. It does make nice installation packages for a variety of Linux distributions. I need to get a second test pc to check on those.

I've finished the menu (38 items, 5 top level, nothing more than three deep) for the program that is going to bring me fame and fortune but can't go forward because every single one of those items requires that I first get whatever SQL DBMS I can, working. So that's my todo list...
  1. Get any SQL DBMS working.
  2. Get any SQL DBMS working.
  3. Get any SQL DBMS working.
I'll be happy to have any one of those three items accomplished.

I've got the mySQL and mariaDB packages but can't figure out how to get them properly installed. Neither seems to include any install instructions. I'm going to check on postgreSQL now. I would like to see if SQLite will work for me also. This is a showstopper if I can't figure it out. Working with raw data files just isn't something I'm willing to do. Plus, I'm sure it would not be able to keep up with the load I expect and hope for. Only the server will have full access to the master database. All the clients will have a local database with copies of data to reduce the network traffic.

If I had a second test PC I could try different Linux flavors to see if their packages include what I need, but I'm not going to mess with my one and only working PC for now. Poverty really sucks.

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