Wednesday, June 5, 2013

mySQL continued...

I was having all sorts of permission problems with mySQL so I decided to give mariaDB a try.

Last night I was about half way through the mariaDB install when I had to stop because of a missing .SQL file. That shouldn't create any problem, right? To my surprise it does not have seemed to. I'm waiting and expecting the two by four to the side of my head at just the critical moment.

Anyway, I created a new database which I was not able to do with mySQL 5.5 because I could not seem to be able to get around those permissions issues regardless of what I tried. All it let me do was see the test db but not do anything with it. Now I'm playing with both test databases, test and the one I created.

It's been a million years since I've done any SQL and I've forgotten everything. I feel a bit like Scotty in that save the whales Trek movie with regard to using a command line for SQL manipulation... "How quaint."

It's not just forgetting SQL. I'm also a Linux newbie, but for every frustration a good nights sleep seems to resolve it. I come from a time when you did things in DOS because there was no Win.

I haven't attempted to connect a Gambas program to a SQL database yet. I'm just not emotionally ready to try that hurdle. I may even run through the streets naked yelling 'Eureka' when I get that working. In the mean time I've produced a few forms that don't immediately required db access to be displayed and have added them to my project.

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