Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's not our government

It's our culture that is corrupt. That we aren't demanding heads is the problem. Our silence is the problem. We can't really blame the media on this one. The corruption is not hidden. We need a top to bottom review of all agencies from IRS to EPA. Every agency needs a new head and Obama is not the guy to appoint them. Each agency head should be looking to off some heads. This is actually pretty easy to fix if people had character. This is fixed with an axe and an organization chart.

The government fix is always to add more levels of corruption. Smaller government is part of the solution, but only if that smaller government is less corrupt (otherwise it just inflates itself again.)

Without moral outrage this does not get fixed.


john hare said...

"Who shall watch the watchers?" goes back to at least Roman times and is still a valid question today.Moral outrage is all well and good, the question being if it is directed properly and sustained. Since the answer is mostly no, I think better management systems with personal accountability need to be in place if serious long term improvement is wanted.

ken_anthony said...

I'm conflicted. My first reaction is that we the people are responsible and get the government we deserve.

We are in for some hard times.