Friday, June 28, 2013

Huge development

Cairo 2D vector graphics is part of all Linux distributions. The  various GTK versions are built on top of it. With grateful thanks to a member of the PureBasic community that provided some absolutely essential functions, I have now incorporated Cairo into my project meaning I don't have to worry what the distros choose to use on top of it. This is a huge hurdle I now have in my rear view mirror. I can't begin to describe how huge it is. Huge!

I am determined to finish this project in less than a year. I'm negotiating price for a database host (I was offered an $87 annual fee on a $131 package but haven't been provided with the proper link yet.) Once I have that I will purchase Navicat to manage it.

I feel good doesn't even come close to describing it. Basically I have only two hurdles left, ya know, other than the relatively trivial task of actually writing my code. I'm bypassing the step of putting PostgreSQL on my computer. I have code to connect remotely and for now that's where I will do development. This is my next hurdle.

The last hurdle will be adding payment methods which is kind of important if I intend this product to provide me with some kind of income. The code I've already written for that is as far as I'm going to go until my project is essentially finished. I'm not even going to think about it until them.

Update: I resolved a minor glitch in creating filled polygons and have added that code to my project. So I feel ready for the next step and have paid for a year of hosting so I can begin that aspect of my projects development. I've got to create an under construction page. There's nothing to see there now but my hosts info.

Update: Crash and burn. Just when I thought I could move forward, I tried creating a polygon in something other than a primary color. RGB values of 0 and 255 work. RGB values of 1 to 254 are all read as zero. Horror! You would think somebody would have mentioned this. I must get over this hurdle because it is a show stopper for me. Un-frikkin-believable. Update: ok, I'm passed my little panic attack. Another important issue along with the RGB values was also fixed (I couldn't use polygon on anything other than the main form. Now I can.) I think I'm going to take the day off from coding. The stress is getting to me.

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