Monday, June 3, 2013

mySQL 5.5

I got it working yesterday. I'm lost, but I'll figure it out.

Gambas is further annoying. The message boxes have "link to .gambas" in the title and the only way I'm going to get rid of that, I think, is to replace them with my own forms. The call only allows you to change the button text but not the title text. I'd be happy to include a "powered by Gambas" logo somewhere, but I want my product to have my brand, not the compilers.

The examples of using a database are poorly coded, but at least they've got examples.

The scope rules continue to annoy me as well. You actually have to specify the file to use any of it's public functions. Since the IDE has no drill down to definitions that I can find (relying on a search feature which is not the same thing) this actually helps in locating definitions... but it is so annoying.

I can make it work, but my second project is going to be using this compiler to bootstrap writing my own IDE and language. We've been computing for almost a century. How hard is it to get these things right? Once done my productivity will increase ten fold if not more. I will be stripping away all the non essential crap from both the IDE and the language. It will be easy to learn as well. Just type a period and all options will be listed. Each listed option with also have the option of documentation including both explanations and examples. Clicking a letter will not just bring you to the first item, it will filter the list to only those items. Highlight any function (or just put the cursor on it) and two clicks (or one key press) gets you to it's definition.

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