Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is this the best argument for the fair tax?

Eliminate the IRS.


Arizona CJ said...

I think Leno had it right; send the IRS to Gitmo. :)

Seriously though; I've long been in favor of (at a minimum) doing away with all tax-exempt statuses, as that's long been a problem.

A flat tax... I like it, in the main. From a personal POV, I'd end up paying more, BUT, it'd be worthwile on a time basis; I'd no longer have to devote so much time and effort to tax strategizing and paperwork.

ken_anthony said...

I think the main problem with a consumption tax is it shifts the burden to retired folk. Which is why there should never have been an income tax in the first place. It took an amendment which should have clued us in. Now it would require taking out that amendment (by a new one to cancel it out.)

The fair tax is a more complete solution than a flat tax which could rightly be claimed to be regressive.