Sunday, June 30, 2013


FileZilla looks simple enough. I purchased one year with a host but can't find my home directory on their server. I guess that's what support is for.

Update: I'm sort of making progress. I've broken my home page on my host.

Project status: 8 of 32 menu items coming along well. Six of the remaining do not require additional forms. I still need to connect to the database on my host in order to finish those forms. I'd say I've got about 8% to 10% of the overall project done. No show stoppers in sight. Came up with a good idea about player corporation IPOs that deals with an issue I was concerned with. Just need to get the play balance right.

Update: It looks like my website magically fixed itself. I can't think of a thing I did that would have fixed it. Update: Actually my provider fixed my CamelCase. Perhaps FileZilla actually got around to doing what I told it?

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