Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mars One mission could go horribly wrong

It's worth the risk is if goes horribly right.

Update: Mars One points to other plans.

Marsdrive doesn't suggest what funding they might come up with. Someone should tell them to fix the link to this page from there projects page.

The Mars Society seems focused on research, design and human testing. They will not get us to mars, but provide valuable data for moving forward (much of it hard to find from their home page.)

Mars Homesteaders are the 'planning group' and perhaps the opposite of the Mars Society 'doing group.'

The Mars Initiative could be thought of as the 'funding group' with a goal of a minimum of $1m/mo. in funding. Assuming $1m/wk is required for each colonist, they would add one quarter colonist to mars.

Mars One can be thought of as the 'funding, planning and doing' group. If they stick with it, they may not hold to their timeline, but they could certainly continue to make progress. One thing about their funding is, if it is not enough, that would possibly raise their funding levels as more people tune in to see a car/train/[insert your own analogy] wreck.

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