Thursday, July 28, 2016

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  • Unelected agencies are making laws contrary to our founders intent.
  • Every personal activity is subject to the commerce clause.
  • Agencies then have judicial power to penalize with guilty until you bankrupt yourself proving your innocents.
  • They wave laws for friends thus weaponizing those laws against political enemies.
  • It's worse than the article implies with citizens raped and paid off with taxpayer money to keep quiet about it.
...all branches of government conspired over more than a century to turn the Constitution that the Framers wrote in 1787, plus the Bill of Rights that James Madison shepherded through the first Congress in 1789 and the Fourteenth Amendment ratified in 1868, into something their authors would neither recognize nor endorse.
  • the bedrock constitutional principle was simply to ensure that America does not “convert a limited into an unlimited Govt.”
  • Madison’s nightmare has become America’s everyday reality.
  • “The practice of creating independent regulatory commissions, who perform administrative work in addition to judicial work,” Roosevelt himself admitted, “threatens to develop a ‘fourth branch’ of Government for which there is no sanction in the Constitution.”
The solution? If any of these agencies are a good idea they should only exist at the state level. At the federal level they deprive citizens of the vote. At the state level citizens can vote with their feet. This is why we have states. Otherwise we could eliminate states from being a maker of laws.

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