Sunday, July 10, 2016

IDE differences

I got a simple menu window from the Phoenix IDE demo to compile. Rather than one file that VB would produce, it produces seven including a resource file I couldn't get from the demo. Not ideal, but I can work with it. One of the WinAPI files that came with the PBW10 compiler needed tweaking but no big deal. I don't really like the code the IDE produces, but it works. I'll probably just use it to draw GUI's then abandon it to hand code after that. If that's the case they give me very little incentive to buy it since I won't be able to maintain my project with it. So I get to continue to eat. Yay!

What I could do is write a VB to PowerBASIC file converter and just maintain everything in VB? But I'm not going to get sidetracked by that. My goal is to make money. Anything not contributing to that goal is going to be put on the back burner.

So now the remaining hurdles are implementing UDP and SQL. The SQL server will use two circular message queues (high and low priority.) I'll only be retrieving as little data as possible from the host and only as needed. Static data will be copied to local DBs. UDP will be the easy part and I can define data packets as I develop the rest of my code. The only demo code for UDP I have is not multiuser but I don't expect that to be a big deal. Soon this is going to get fun once the foundation is tested and working. I can put off getting my domain until I'm ready to deploy. The last domain I bought expired before I used it ;-P

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