Thursday, July 14, 2016

Domain name

Don't make this mistake: I typed a .com name into the browser address bar a few days ago just to see if it was available. It was so I went to register it at godaddy today and it no longer was. Looking at the page, it's obvious somebody just made the page. So I registered a shorter version of the name. I kept getting not available until I got excited when one was, only to find out... sure it's available... for $45k!!!

I can't believe what some people will do! So tomorrow I've got some good news for my partner... we have a domain, for the next two years at least. I'm really happy with the code performance I'm getting. Reading thousands of records and displaying them graphically... if you blink you miss it. I also bought a library today that I may use in future products (not this first one.)

I may not use that domain for quite a while yet, but it's good to have it. I've been needing a new email address for years. A few years back somebody broke into my email account so I changed to a longer password. I haven't had a problem since but I still get email meant for him. Apparently he's a gay arab in to filipinos? The good news is people searching for information about me get info about him. It sort of protects my identity (not that anyone would want to steal mine other than to hide their own. Years of unpaid and partly paid hospital bills guarantee I won't be buying anything on credit.

Perhaps that will change when I have an income? Until then, embrace the ramen!

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