Thursday, July 28, 2016

Once you've chosen an investment

When is the best time to make it? Without delay. You invest for the payoff. Any delay that isn't justified is a delay in the payoff. What justifies a delay? Not other investments. That's an issue before you choose an investment, not after. So what then? Due diligence (an appraisal to evaluate potential.)

What people see when they look at a thing differs with each person. If other people don't see what you do it can be difficult to get them to see it. When I look at mars I see it's future. I see development. But that only happens if other people with the resources see it as well. I'm nobody.

Others do see it. Perhaps not exactly as I do, but that's par for the course. Because they do, it will happen someday in some way. It could easily be the wrong way. People are self centered which is only natural. As a result, their vision reflects their way. But any vision that includes other people has to consider they each have their own differing visions. Why do people that can't plan their own lives think it perfectly ok to plan the lives of others?

I look at mars and see private ownership by millions of colonists. I see a developed world where individual freedom is allowed to flourish. Apparently this is a fantasy because everybody else's vision, if it includes mars at all, is of a prison world with one fascist dictator calling all the shots.

They don't see it that way of course. To them, central planning is just how it must be done and it's just silly to think otherwise. We now live in a time of soft sell fascism. Take care of yourself. They certainly plan to take care of you.

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