Sunday, July 24, 2016

Now I remember...

...why I haven't made pea soup for over 3 decades. I'm shopping. I see a can of pea soup. I love pea soup. But I'm a cheapskate and I think, "Why pay the price of a can when bulk dry split peas cost so much less?" Because the companies that make canned pea soup have nuclear rocket scientist that know the exact incantation to get soup from a pea. Me I'm thinking, "Ya boil 'em in water. How hard can it be?"

First thing is they swell. I have just one cooking pot. I pour an entire bag of peas into the pot and add what should be enough water...

Now I go back to this coding problem I'm having. I'm trying to do trig functions on integers. It's not happening. I'm getting very strange results. Yes, I'm using radians as cos() and sin() require. I'm passing those double values. Never had a problem doing this in VB, but now I'm using a much less familiar language.

It isn't enough water. In order to make pea soup you have to boil them at low heat for about a generation, adding water every five second and still you will burn them. The peas themselves are not edible until you have reduced them to their constituent atoms. I may have to buy a new pot!

To be charitable, this debugger is Satan's spawn. Usable only if your goal is to get less work done. I haven't figured out how to set break points or even if I can. The docs are... not wonderful; so I'm googling for answers. There is no immediate mode where you type in an expression and out pops an answer. Even an internet browser can do that... which doesn't help much if my code doesn't work.

The peas smell good cooking.

I can't seem to be able to print results on a form. I have to add a graphic panel and send print to that instead... fine.

It's my housekeepers fault. She hid my Rotini somewhere. I'm out of sauce except this canned stuff they use to torture only the most evil criminal masterminds. The peas have been sitting in the cupboards for months. That's why they're there, they keep.

They are now, after some hours, turning into mush. This is good. That's what's suppose to happen. now if I can unmush my trig code...

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