Saturday, July 23, 2016

How to Defeat Terrorism

Via Rand.

The obvious...

  • "The enemy is not radical Islam..."
    • “Be nice to us or we’ll kill more of you.”
  • Self-regulated ghettoes [within our country] have to be opened up and rigorously policed.
  • All mosques, which are effectively command centers, must be stringently investigated...
  • Every imam in the country should be thoroughly vetted...
  • Jihadi suspects clearly and unequivocally known to law enforcement agencies should not be so readily allowed.
  • [Those] who leave the country to fight alongside terrorist entities must not be repatriated, even if they are passport-holding citizens.
  • Muslim organizations with ties to terror-sponsoring organizations or that lobby for Sharia or for cultural and political influence must be disbanded and outlawed.
  • Islamic immigration must be drastically curtailed if not completely stopped. Muslim immigration must be thoroughly vetted.
Islam is at war with everyone else. There is no 'sunset clause' in their war. First we need to win the war with our own apologists for Islam. We win. They lose. Nothing else is acceptable.

We don't need to become a police state to do this. We do need officials, elected or not, to respect law and order and the citizens that support them. Those supporting Islam have chosen not to be citizens of this country, but instead citizens of a country intent on our destruction.

Update: What a treaty with Islam gets you. Via Peter.

When they call you an Islamaphobe.

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