Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Willful blindness

Andrew says...

...I don’t disagree with the literal statements that Andrew McCarthy’s message...

Let's see if Andrew is lying. Consider these literal statements...
  1. "war-footing strategy is the only sensible counterterrorism paradigm"
  2. "The jihadists who listened to [the Blind Sheikh] did so because he is an internationally recognized authority in the political ideology that draws on Islamic scripture to inspire attacks against the West."
  3. "What matters is that there is a sharia-supremacist construction of Islam to which hundreds of millions of Muslims have adhered for centuries."
  4. "Sharia supremacism is virulently anti-Western..."
  5. "A sensible national security policy cannot regard the objective presentation of evidence as if it were the promotion of hate speech."
  6. "The goal of counterterrorism is supposed to be the prevention of jihadist attacks[, not prosecution after.]"
Six straight forward literal statements to which Andrew claims to agree.

Update: Andrew responds.

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