Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ed's two excellent points

Ed said...
There are a couple flaws here. First, the First Amendment would not allow the prohibition of any religion, and laws and common practices that tried to do so would be struck down under the same reasoning that got such laws and practices used against Jews struck down. Secondly, there are already Muslims in America, generations of them, so many American Muslims were born in America. How could they be deported?
June 23, 2016 at 12:58 PM

Second point first. This has nothing to do with Muslims per se. Anyone following the Quran's world domination algorithm should be stripped of citizenship and deported. I don't care where or if they are a natural born citizen. It is insane that the family members that colluded with the Florida nightclub killer will not face punishment or that we even have a support network in this country that would hide them from justice.

The first amendment does not require self extermination and not all religious beliefs are protected by it. If we come to understand the Quran as an algorithm to exterminate the non-Muslim (which although it is the end state, does not happen all that quickly) we can make law to deal with it. Paying Jizyah, for example, has an expiration date, after-which you must convert to Islam or die. Granted this is only after the return of a spirit being, but it is the Islamic algorithm's rule.

So if we see Islam as an existential threat we could just rule that it doesn't meet the requirements for 1st amendment protection. This of course would lead to a supreme court fight. The outcome would require solid evidence of the existential threat (and justices that want to see America endure.)

BTW, this fight has already started over Sharia law.

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