Thursday, June 23, 2016

Radicalized by Andrew

Andrew, you've made a number of statements along these lines...
being as indoctrinated against Islam as thoroughly as you are
I would disabuse you of this line of thought. You are the one indoctrinating me, along with numerous news stories where the media continuously tries to sell a false narrative. Note the link rot on my blog for Pam Geller. Why? because it's not news there. Which reminds me I have to do some house cleaning of my links.

Andrew, I think you've got both a good heart and strong mind. I do not know to what extent you are sincere or just playing games. But suggesting that I don't think for myself is not going to win me over.

You tell me the terrorists are not representative, but the evidence you give is not persuasive. I would expect most Muslims to be peaceful because I see them as people before I see them as Muslim.

I will argue about those things that make no sense to me. I honestly tell you the problems I have with your arguments and you respond that I'm a liar. That also is not persuasive. You may dismiss me if you like, but that's your loss. Not mine.

What you don't know about Christianity is another area where you lose me. Don't try to teach me something you don't understand when I've seriously studied it from many perspectives for over half a century. I don't need to google an explanation about almost any scripture because not only have I likely read it numerous times, but I've meditated, considered cross reference, looked it up in Strong's and often discussed it's understanding among members of different sects.

You can't just assert something about me, not knowing my background, and not look foolish. When you're not doing that, I admire how you often make a decent argument even when I disagree with your conclusions Take it for what its worth.

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