Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Orient House, Istanbul

I was there in 2000 with my future wife (she talked me into it.) They had 3 different dancers interspersed throughout an evening dinner show, but the amazing part was the MC. Notice the flags (in the foreground) on the tables? They represent the nationality of the diners. The MC greeted everyone in their own language then during the evening sang some well known song in the diners language to which they sang along. The Asian languages were the most astounding to me (well and the Polish guys at the next table over were cool.) They also had a play with several acts and a traditional marriage ceremony as part of the story. The dancers also got people up on stage but my fiance wouldn't do that. I got a picture with my wife that had a bonus... Heather Graham was there hiding behind her purse at a nearby table during the photograph. They also tried to charge me twice for the dinner but I'd paid for it through a travel agency. It was a lot of fun. I have no memory of what we ate!

Last week.

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