Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why 39A matters

It's all about holding SpaceX back because they can't compete otherwise.

In the almost as bad as SLS department...
...the MPCV, which has already absorbed an incredible $7 billion through 2012, while foregoing the rather important necessity of developing a service module,  is set to receive a steady allotment of roughly $1 billion per year, virtually for the foreseeable future.
What did it take to make a Dragon?


Arizona CJ said...

Dragon development cost... I have no idea, but I do know this; the development cost of all SpaceX projects, including of course the launch vehicles and engines, plus Dragon, is a lot less than Orion has spent so far.

And Dragon has flown. Repeatedly.

I'm not surprised that there's a movement to hit SpaceX; Falcon Heavy makes SLS look atrocious, especially once the performance issues related to the SLS main engines surface. I think we;ll find the SLS payload (Block 1 and Block 2 as well) estimates were rather optimistic.

My guess; by the time of the second SLS launch over a decade from now, SpaceX will already be flying something using Raptor methane engines, and that something (MCT?)will have a bigger payload than FH, or for that matter, SLS block one or two. (The current FH is pretty close to SLS block 1).

ken_anthony said...

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Arizona CJ said...

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