Saturday, October 26, 2013

The slavery issue of the 21st century is effectively Big Government

An absolute must read. It's important to get the definition of smaller government correct.


Anonymous said...

Ken, I'm sorry, but you're asking far too much of the intellect of our leaders when you ask that they comprehend that "Smaller" means "less big than now". It's just too complicated a concept for their little minds to grasp.

Seriously though, I agree; when you're merely property of the State, you're a slave, because that's what slavery is; being property.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

I'm shocked that people don't get that.

That's why I advocate strong property rights which are impossible on earth at this time with this culture.

By strong I mean, no property tax, no eminent domain, no excuses.

The only way it happens is for a small community to embrace it on a new world. It would only take one such community regardless of what others do if they would support and defend each other which they could do if they made themselves independent because they all had the resources to do so.

I'm hollering against a huge headwind here.