Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm looking for an apartment in Prescott

I went to Las Vegas, not to gamble but because it was on my way from Springerville to Sacramento.

Drove up and down the strip once then ate at a mediocre Chinese restaurant. I was tired and it was dark when I pressed on and I couldn't remember the route so I downloaded Navigator for my not so smart phone. It sent me north on 95 (I should have gone south to avoid the mountain passes.) Then at the entrance to CA-120 my phone would not connect all the way to where 120 meets 395.

Spooky... CA-120 dips and turns so your headlights are mostly useless. Then every half mile or so you get a sign with an animal on it. Never the same animal it seems. It has cattle crossing gates (some real, some just paint.) Did I mention the temperature was 27 F. and I was also worried about black ice? /...spooky.

CA-108 on the other hand was much better than the goat path it used to be. I waited for daylight and refueled first though.

Sonora has become a parking lot. Not going to spend any time there.

I first stopped at my sister and her husband in Lockeford and spent a few days there. They're always too busy for me to come around but when it's time to leave they won't let me go so I spend a few more days with them than I plan.

Then I went to Sacramento and gave my ex a call. Unlike all other times I've called she was speechless. No warmth at all. She could not have made it more plain. So I didn't bother to visit.

I spent the night in Sacramento but woke up around 2am and realized my stepson was probably at his second job. I called and we got together. He is so big and has shaved his head. He's doing well enough and we will get together some time when I can meet his wife (married last Feb.)

Then I went back to Lockeford to talk with my brother-in-law about where I might settle. He suggested Prescott where I'd never been before. So I drove there and spent a few days exploring. I went by way of Bakersfield this time. Much better.

In Prescott, I saw Gravity in a theater with plush recliners. Very nice. I would have stayed longer in the Prescott area but my money was running low. Next payday my mother will need some money so my days on the road will have to start up again the following payday.

I definitely want to get an apartment in that area. I fell in love. All of the convenience of a large city, but it's not. Plus, if you are not heading to Prescott, I-17 or 95 do not take you through it.

Shhh... don't tell anybody about this best kept secret in AZ.

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