Monday, October 21, 2013

Bingo. How to understand the elite republicans’s not “smaller [govt.] than we have now” it’s “smaller [govt.] than the Democrats want it to be in the future but bigger than now”.
Smaller means smaller! Damn it!


Anonymous said...

Palin's speech in your post a few below this nails it; the Corrupt Bastards Club, writ large.

It's not just healthcare they're gaming, either. An even more glaring example of a sellout is immigration "reform" as being pushed by Rubio and his ilk.

The dynamics are the same, money. Some big donors want amnesty (and its included opening of the floodgates for skilled workers) to force down wages.

To counter this big money, there's nothing on the other side, so the lure of amnesty hasn't gone away, and so you see many Republicans in sellout mode, willing to pander to the big doners and screw over the rest of us.

The Democrats, of course, keep blaring that amnesty will help Republicans. They want the millions of new dependent voters, and only a true moron would believe that the Democrats are seriously interested in helping the Republican party.

So that leave the sellouts, like Rubio. They want the money, especially those thinking of a white house run.

Sadly, the man I would have most liked to have been the Republican nominee for President last year, Paul Ryan, is amongst the sellouts. I was very much wrong about him, and now I wouldn't vote for him for dogcatcher.

All I can say is, if Ryan or Rubio or some other amnesty-sellout is on my ballot, they won't get my vote, or my financial support.

Arizona CJ

ken_anthony said...

You cover it pretty CJ. I believe there was a time when the majority of politicians did care about the country regardless of party. Those folks are gone. During WW2, they wouldn't give out secrets that might help themselves against some opponent if it might hurt the country in the process. That certainly isn't true anymore either.

It's rot to the very core.

ken_anthony said...

pretty well I meant to say. I hate when the fingers take over from the brain.

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