Monday, October 21, 2013

Elbow room

A discussion of space mining introduces the idea that the busybodies on earth may make mining in space more palatable...
If you are a big mining operation, you could spend fifteen years putting a mine into place then have the government arbitrarily say "Oh, by the way, we are increasing your royalties. They are now going to be doubled..." Or there is a sacred indigenous burial ground that no one ever knew about that you are going to have to pay a tribute to, or stop operations because of... In some ways, the resources in space have a set of risks that are lower.
Assuming they don't let the politicians get their grubby hands on that as well?
Many of our investors ask us "Tell me how this is going to change the world, I'm not interested in a better improvement or percentage point." They are already rich. They want something that is going to change the world.
Colonizing will change the world and provide a market for water and more in space.

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