Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The "because I said so" plan

“Nothing in this Act ... shall be construed to require that an individual terminate coverage..."
Like saying, "I will never, ever do [destructive behavior] again... I mean it this time." Only worse, because ACA was written in the bizarro world of unreality and can't work in the real world. It has consequences and no amount of words change those consequences.

For mentally ill lefties: words speak louder than actions.


Arizona CJ said...

I'm one of the people who have lost their healthcare (As of the end of this year).

I'm being cancelled. I've had this policy for 15 years, and I liked it.

I wanted to keep it as-is, no changes. The president promised that I could... but of course, he's a malicious liar. Thanks to him and Obamacare, I've lost my health insurance.

There are already millions of people like me, and there will be millions more.

And also thanks to Obamacare, replacing it would cost me over twice as much.

All this was done by design - they want to force people out of their old plans and into the crap on the exchanges.

ken_anthony said...

I've always wondered how the good german people of the 30s could let fascism take over? Now I know.

People forget that Hitler was popular in a similar way to Obama.

The people that should be fighting Obama are cowards that attack those that do. Why are those with intelligence and morals so few?