Monday, October 13, 2014

Boeing’s superior proposal

VehicleCostCrewLVLASSchedule Risk
Dragon 2$2.6B**7F9R***"more schedule margin"**
Dream Chaser$3.3B*7Atlas IVdrop flight tested*
CST 100*$4.2B7Atlas IV*analog dropped
*winner (it must be the blue back lighting. That's got to be worth a billion or two???) Via Rand.


C J said...

Great points....

But, CST-100 has been dropped? Actually, we can't even say that; what was dropped was a structural analog, a rough mockup, not even a structural test article. It only mimicked the approximate weight and shape of the CST-100 to test the airbags and parachutes.

The long and the short of it is, Boeing, while getting more of the CcCap money, did far less with it than SNC or SpaceX. The "Milestones" they fulfilled were quite different from those of SNC and SpaceX... almost all of them were paperwork.

ken_anthony said...

I wasn't paying much attention to the Boeing drop test. Good to know. Thanks CJ.